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TOP 8 Places I shop: Antigua edition

I've gotten a few email queries about the places that  shop for clothes and stuff on the island, so I decided it would be easy to address everyone in one post with a list of the shops I frequent.

DISCLAIMER: This list is clearly taste, lifestyle and budget specific. I'm not trying to push one business over another, just simply letting you guys know what MY preferences are. Having said that... enjoy!!

1. Fashion Dock- (upstairs Heritage Quay). This store is for the career woman with a bit of disposable income. It is first on my list because well... it's usually first on my list. Having said that, it carries lots of designer clothing, and if you're not careful you can bust your budget wide open in there. You can find everything from Cavalli and Dolce and Gabanna to Tory Burch and Gucci. I first found this shop about four years ago, and I have to admit, I was apprehensive. Luckily for those of us who love a good bargain, there is a year round sale section upstairs where you can get good pieces at a steal. 

2. Inizio - (Redcliffe Quay) I've been patronizing Dyna's business from the first day she opened. The store is always full of trendy and cute outfits, and the sales manager Akeda is the best asset. You can call her up and she will pull outfits for you to look at, and if you're stumped she will make great suggestions. The prices at Inizio are affordable, and if you get there early enough on "packing out' day you can snag the one-off pieces that never hit the store racks. Don't forget to check out the accessories section across from the main store.

3. Lady Kouture- (Vendors Mall) This store is similar in aesthetic to Inizio, so if you like what Inizio has, you will find pieces at Lady Kouture to love as well. The shop has more of a boutique feel, and I love the way it is laid out... I wish there was a wider selection of accessories and shoes though... but in time I expect that will happen. Personalized service is very good as well, and Dinessa makes you feel very welcome. 

4. ZIBA- (Heritage Quay) A more mature selection of clothes. Great for pieces that are a bit more special. You can always find something beaded or embellished, and the quality of the fabrics is quite good.

5. THE DISTRICT - (Campsite) New store with a funky vibe. She carries sexy dresses ,rain boots, hot shorts, crop tops and bralettes. The vibe of the store is pretty young and fun, but I anticipate that she will soon carve out her own niche when her customer base widens. 

6. ANNIE - (Grays Farm) Don't knock it til you've gone there. Annie pulls some pieces that belie the humble exterior. I've bought jumpsuits and party dresses as well as fun costume jewelry here. This store is not on my "must see" list when I'm looking for an outfit- but if I'm in a jam, I can usually find something here that I can work into my wardrobe.

7. BENETTON- (Heritage Quay) Work clothes are the staples of this store. I'm not ashamed to say that I despise ironing, and Benetton's clothes are wrinkle-resistant. Some pieces I wear to work I bought in 2001. Now THAT - is investment shopping.

8. DESHAWN- (Heritage Quay) This store's window displays never fail to draw me in. Try to get one of owner Adalia's signature pieces, which are usually available in the shop.

Okay, so there you have it- the TOP 8



I like your ideas. The way you write them is amazing.


thanks Fay

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Super like the eight list. I like your look and lovin' your taste in fashion. :D

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