Maxi Dress
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Chambray Shirt, Gingham Skirt





 Hey luvs;

I've been bad about responding to emails that I've gotten this week- I promise I will get back to each of you soon.

My weekend outfit was a variation on a look I've been killing all summer long- cropped tops with skirts. You would have seen me do at least three variations on the look in the past month alone. I tend to ride things into the ground- it's a bit of a compulsion.

The outfit: Chambray shirt, (212) Midi length skirt (ASOS), Michael Kors watch, Longchamp bag, Poetic Justice Shoes






In love with that gingham skirt!

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girls skirts

Midi skirts received attention from the hugely popular 1967 movie, Bonnie and Clyde. Faye Dunaway’s role as the provocative, historical gangster, in a sexy midi skirt, brought a popular culture success to the midi, and encouraged young, rebellious girls across the United States to try out the look.


love the twist out.

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