What I Wore: Gypsy
Waist-ing away

What I wore: Waxed denim






This look: Blouse & Necklace available at UPSCALE (blouse also available in salmon)
Waxed brown denim jeans, pumps, jacket: ZARA
Red leather clutch: Longchamp


This outfit is a combination of all the things I'm currently obsessing over- Upscale (shameless plug), waxed skinny jeans, collar necklaces, elbow patches, and color-blocking.
I think that about covers it. I'm doing every conceivable permutation of these items lately- the jackets have dual function as part of my work wardrobe- and this necklace... well, let's just say you may get sick of seeing it on the blog.
It is also available in silver- if you're not a fan of gold.
I hope you're all enjoying the holidays with your families- let's all say a prayer for peace today. I think we may have to turn the news off for a while - tragedy abounds everywhere. It makes me so grateful for life.
love & light



Waxed denim is a great alternative, plus it is breathable.Well,this outfit suits you,you are looking fabulous.Overall,everything is so perfect with great styling!!

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