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You get what you pay for!!! Why all luxury brands are not the same


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A few months ago, we all watched in shock at the appalling video of a man being forcibly removed from a United Airlines flight from Chicago to Louisville. The short version of that event went like this:

 An airline supervisor walked onto the plane and announced: “We have United employees that need to fly to Louisville tonight. … This flight’s not leaving until four people get off.” - if you live under a rock and somehow have managed to miss what happened next: one passenger, a doctor refused to give up his seat, and was bloodied and bruised and dragged down the aisle by law enforcement.

Let's start with CEO Oscar Munoz' response:

In February of this year I traveled to Canada on holiday, and decided whilst I was in the country that I would leave my Prada bag for repair at the Bloor Street store. The sales agent, who was lovely, told me that the repair may take a few months - and I advised her that since I was not resident in the country, I would have a friend collect the bag for me in the summer (read: July), when she was ready to make her usual visit to the island to spend time with her family.

It was a simple enough transaction, and I was in such a good mood that I decided to purchase a small leather good (SLG), for good measure. I left, certain I would have a suitably repaired item from the store within a few months.

When June rolled around and I hadn't heard from Prada I decided to email them - after a week with no response, I decided to word a somewhat stronger email expressing my dismay and hoping to get an answer regarding the whereabouts of my item.

Just shy of three full weeks later, I got a response from their Stock Manager which read in part:

"After further investigation, Fedex has determined the package as lost"

He also apologized for the delay in responding and offered me a store credit (which does not equate to the value of my original purchase). If you can even believe that one!

I maintained my composure and wrote back to advise them that the compensation did not match the value of my item- and that I believed it should be reviewed. I was livid - but I am a professional, and I understand how corporate red tape can cause employees to hide behind policy and pre-set protocols instead of dealing with each individual on a case by case basis. I waited - again.

After several more failed attempts to get an (email) response from Prada - and no answer from their customer service department, I have come to realize that many companies have aspirations of being a "luxury brand", but Prada is a perfect example of one which is woefully sub-par with customer service, which is a huge part of establishing goodwill and brand loyalty. There are bargain-basement stores, mid-range stores, high end stores, and luxury stores. The higher the price point, generally the higher the expectation of the customer for the level of professionalism of the brand.

As a person who travels often for sales / PR purposes, I have learned, and continue to learn, the importance of projecting the correct public image for the brand you represent. Corporate branding extends further than a shiny name-tag or logo, it encompasses the public persona of the company, including setting the correct tone for press releases, public statements, social media posts and the like. I wrote about the do's and don't of being your own brand on my blog before. READ IT HERE

If I had purchased a bag from Wet Seal (is that even still around??), I would have paid perhaps $20.00, at most, for the item, it may be highly flammable, and my expectation would be that the item would last a few months before being relegated to the drop off bin at Goodwill.When you purchase items for upwards of US$2,000.00, the expectation is entirely different. Not only for the experience you expect to have at the retail store, but the quality of the item, responsiveness to any issues which may arise, not to mention the opportunity for resale should the item be a classic one, or collectible on the vintage market.

At this point, not only do I not have a bag!!!!! I have no response to my attempts to reach a mutually satisfactory conclusion ( which I should not have to do, for something which is entirely their fault). Suffice it to say I do not recommend the Bloor Street Toronto branch of Prada for any reason whatsoever.

I will withhold my verdict on Prada overall until this issue is addressed.

Hopefully I will have an update soon.... in the meantime, I'm seriously considering what my next handbag purchase will be - this would NEVER had happened at Chanel.


J-Crew Maxi



Hi Loves

What's your style? Are you trendy, bohemian, classic, sophisticated, or some combination of them?

Whatever you wear, make sure it's a representation of who you are- not just what's available in stores.

My maxi is from J-crew, and I'm wearing a pair of white havainas. One of the best things about wearing a maxi is that you can wear comfy shoes with no guilt.



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Birthday Dress







Hi Loves,

I celebrated my birthday this past Tuesday, and I gotta admit that this was the quietest year on record. I did manage to get a home cooked breakfast out of it this year- so I think that's a major accomplishment.

Now, for the important stuff:

This year's birthday dress is this ombre Helmut Lang dress I got from Net-A-Porter.

Not much else to say about it- it's black, white, grey, draped and very forgiving around the mid-section (lol). As the years go by, I find my girlish figure is not always as forgiving after dessert.

Ah well, we can't have it all- at least not at once.

As usual, thanks for stopping by



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Painted Lady


How great is this maxi?

In the spirit of supporting Caribbean talent, I reached out to an old friend from UWI St. Augustine who has a fabulous line of dresses and kaftans. His was one of the first lines I carried in my store when I first opened. If you would like the opportunity to have your designs sold in Antigua, or if you're interested in getting your own piece from this designer, leave me a message in the comments or email me at

DRESS: SM Warner Designs

Earrings: Yumnah Najah Designs

(click on to see more looks, until next time)



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DVF Kaftan

Hello loves!

Is anybody else having a rough time with the weather? They say a steady drizzle is worse than torrential rains- and it's drizzling again today. This post is another one from my birthday weekend when I had a lazy Saturday at Sheer Rocks. I also wore a black monokini underneath.

The best thing about kaftans is how easy they are to style.

One of my newest additions is this Diane Von Furstenburg dress that I am already over-wearing. LOL

For a foundation garment, I've used a Benetton dress liner- another find from the spring cleaning a few weeks ago. It almost ended up in the junk pile, but I figured it would make a good petticoat (don't judge me)

... too late?...Ah well


Outfit details:

Kaftan: Diane Von Furstenburg

Bracelets: David Yurman

Sandals: Zara- available in black also (seen in previous post)

Earrings: Shelly (sp) new store in Redcliffe Quay

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Thakoon Maxi

Hello Loves

Hope you all had a fantastic Easter weekend. I spent mine in full wedding mode as a bridesmaid for one of my best girlfriends. It was a beautiful, classy and fun event and every turn was a new photo opportunity. Truly a well thought out event. I wouldn't be surprised to see it in a magazine- it was that good.

We all flew out for the wedding and unlike Antigua, St. Kitts was not too rainy- but I think I had a bit of a bug so now I am suffering from laryngitis- no fun. Nonetheless it was a wonderfully romantic weekend for both the couple and their guests- and we will not soon forget it. It was also great to reconnect with old University friends, and finally meet/ introduce them to all the new additions in our families - UWI for life!

On to the outfit: 

Dress: Thakoon

Sandals: Zara

Bracelets: David Yurman

.... by now you know I love a maxi


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